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Do NBA small market teams have a chance?

Will a Free agent ever choose Sacramento over New York?

Since last summers NBA free agent frenzy there has been a growing trend in the league. The biggest NBA stars want to play in the biggest NBA cities. Lebrons decision was fueled by the speculation that he wanted to leave Cleveland for a bigger market, which many people thought was going to be New York. As everyone knows now, he instead took his talents to south beach to join Wade and Bosh. Carmelo Anthony essentially forced Denver to trade him to New York where he joined Amare Stoudemire.

Despite all the big moves that have taken place, speculation continues that more big stars have a desire to play for big market teams. Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Dwight Howard have been rumored to wanting to move to bigger markets. So where does the leave the small market teams? Teams like Sacramento, Utah, Orlando, San Antonio are going to have a hard time attracting any big name free agents in the next few years. We could be looking at a league where the same 8-10 are the only ones with a chance at winning the NBA title.

Maybe the NBA should go to the NFL for some advise. The Packers were able to bring the title back to Green Bay, Wisconsin despite having a population size of just over 100,000. One of the problems is the NBA rookie contract lengths. I believe most contracts go for 2 years with club options for years 3 and 4. For a first round pick a team is hardly getting very much in return. In comparison, Aaron Rodgers had only played in a total of 7 games completing just 35 passes in his first 3 years in the league. In the NBA players are set loose to sign with any team going into the prime of their careers. If there is one thing that NBA must steal from the NFL it is the use of a franchise tag on players. Giving teams the ability to keep there stars players is the only way for small market teams to have a chance. Who knows maybe one day we will see an NBA title being won in Sacramento.


P.S. More small market teams should learn from Oklahoma City. The thunder recently signed their superstar Kevin Durant to a multi year contract extension.

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