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March Madness

It’s mid march and if your a sports fan you know what that means. Its time for the holy grail of all basketball tournaments. The selection committee has made there choices for the 68 teams that will be competing for chance at an 2011 NCAA basketball national championship.
As a sports fan and a fan of competition, the NCAA tournament is like no other event in sports. I have to admit, I don’t watch as much college basketball as should I during the regular season. Between the non stop action of games, the pressure of the 1 loss and done tournament style, and the possibility of a huge underdog winning, there is plenty to draw in this sports junkie.
Despite taking 68 teams this year, there is still plenty of controversy surrounding the selection process. Teams such as Alabama, Colorado, Virginia tech, and Saint Marys have valid arguments on why they should have been included in the field. The selection process is always going to be difficult no matter how many teams they include. The only thing adding more teams does is water down the field with teams who are less deserving. I say bring back the 64 team system for two reasons; better basketball and it’s easier for us fans to fill out our brackets.

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