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Don’t look too much into NBA regular season games

There has been a lot of talk and analyzing done during this NBA season and as we get ready for the playoffs there is only one thing we know for sure. All of this talk means nothing when it comes to the playoffs.

The media as a whole tends to over empathize to many games during the NBA regular season. The Miami heat are a prime example of this. After every Heat game there seems to be a discussion on whether  the Heat can win a championship. The Heat started the season cold, as expected with a completely brand new team, and people were quick to question if the Heat could ever win a championship. Then the Heat started winning and after beating the Lakers in LA on Christmas day, talk changed to the Heat being a championship quality team again. After a small losing streak a few weeks back, the Heat again received harsh scrutiny. Miami is just one example, the national media has been quick to question the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs ability to win a championship numerous times during the regular season.

The reality in most professional sports is that individual regular season games mean very little in the grand scheme of things, particularly in the NBA. With 82 game season, long road trips, back to back games, every team is going to struggle at some point. Especially the high profile teams because everyone else in the league is gunning for them. The playoffs are a whole different beast and what you did or didn’t do during the regular season means nothing. We wont see what teams are really made of until mid April, when the real championship contenders start to show themselves.

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