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Kings to stay in Sacramento, good for ball!

In case you haven’t heard, the Kings have an agreement  in place with the City of Sacramento to build a new $400 million arena and to keep the team in California’s capitol city for the foreseeable future. Although I don’t consider my self a Kings fan, there are a few reasons I’m happy to see the team stay in Sacramento. For one, the new arena looks like its going to be an amazing, top of the line facility. If you haven’t already seen the renderings, check out this gallery on CSNBayArea.com.

The second reason, and most important, is that I would have hated to see the city of Sacramento lose the team that has provided them with so many great memories. It’s been over the 25 years since the Kings moved to Sacramento and they have had some pretty good teams during that time. Particularly during the late 90s/early 2000s when the team was constantly in the title hunt. It brought excitement and pride to the city of Sacramento, not to mention 354 consecutive sellout games for the Kings. 

I recently watched a documentary on the Sonics’ move from Seattle to Oklahoma City. The film, which is titled “Sonicsgate: Requiem for a team” and is available on YouTube, gave some unique insight into the events that led up to the team leaving Seattle. I don’t believe the city of Seattle or the state of Washington knew how devastated the people would be if the team left. While watching it I couldn’t help but notice how similar the Sonics’ situation was to the present day Kings. The Kings, just like the Sonics had, have gone through some very rough seasons lately. Interest in the team is not what it once was but I ultimately believe that the city of Sacramento would have greatly missed the Kings if they had left.

In the end it looks like the Kings, the city of Sacramento, and the NBA got it right. Congratulations are deserved for all that were involved in getting this agreement done.

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